The slave Market sub/slave Rules

Before entering The slave Market Y/you ARE required to read the rules.Dom/Dommes please read the rules here Dom/Domme rules . sub/slaves you are required to read the rules pertaining to sub/slaves here sub/slave rules

The basic rules
1.All basic rules apply. They can be found on the main rules page.

2. Respect is your motto. It is both given and earned. All sub/slaves are to act with the utmost respect for ALL Dom/Dommes in the room. you are not doormats but you are sub/slaves and will act accordianly

3. No are not to argue,fight or talk back to any Dom/Domme or other sub/slaves. if you have a problem respectfully tell the P/person,record the conversation and report it to one of the room Mistress's or a Moderator.

4. sub/slaves and TsM slaves wanting to be apart of future auctions must complete the training assigments for that week before being allowed to be put on the block for auction. These assigments can be found in the training section of the Forum.


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5. All sub/slaves are to greet and Welcome each P/person entering the room. TsM is your room treat T/those entering as you wish to be treated yourself. Make the room warm and inviting.

6. your limits will be respected here. Do not allow A/anyone to abuse you simply tell T/them what is wrong. If that doesnt work let a Rppm Mistress or Moderator know. If non are available use the squelch button,record the problem and send it to the TsM mail and Myztress Jennifer~ or Mistress Dread will deal with it

7.Above all have fun. The room is here to train as well as entertain you. If your not enjoting yourself speak to a Rppm Mistress or Moderator.